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Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt Review – Best CCW Belt Comments Off on Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt Review – Best CCW Belt

I recently purchased the Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt because not only did I need a sturdy carry belt that resisted stretching (unlike my leather belts), but I also wanted one that DID NOT use Velcro. Why? My dogs shed lots of hair which got stuck to the Velcro and prevented it from securely staying in place. I also wanted to be able to easily adjust my belt without drawing attention to it while I was carrying concealed. Well, the Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt satisfied all of these requirements.

Belt Materials: Nylon or Leather

The Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt is offered in both a heavy duty nylon and a premium grade leather. I chose Blade-Tech’s Ultimate Carry Belt in water repellent black nylon. I really love the heavy duty nylon which has a reinforced polymer core making it a very strong, stiff and sturdy carry belt.

I also love this belt’s ratcheting mechanism which gives it a greater range of tightening and loosening adjustments. According to Blade-Tech’s website, “the heavy-duty ratcheting system adjusts in quarter inch increments and boasts ultra-strong reinforced polymer teeth, yielding an amazing 1,300 lb. tensile strength rating.”

The ratcheting mechanism enables you to make precision adjustments for the “perfect” fit.

Features of the Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt

  • Choice of High-Density Water Repellent Nylon or Premium Grade Leather Material
  • Easy Release Lever (once you learn how it works)
  • Heavy-Duty Ratcheting System for Precise and Secure Adjustments
  • Reinforced Polymer Teeth
  • Dual Locking Set Screws
  • Reinforced Polymer Core
  • Extra Strong Locking Mechanism
  • One Size Fits All. This belt’s overall length can be custom sized to your waist by cutting off excess length at premarked 1-inch increments before mounting the buckle.


The nylon Ultimate Carry Belt sells for $49.99 and the leather Ultimate Carry Belt sells for $59.99 which you can buy directly on Blade-Tech’s website or you may be able to find it at your local gun store.

Final Thoughts

The Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt’s materials and finish are of a very high quality and craftsmanship. And once you figure out how to operate the adjustment lever, it’s very easy to make quick adjustments to the belt while wearing it. The ratcheting mechanism enables you to make precision adjustments for the “perfect” fit. I’ve tried other tactical and carry belts, but they always seemed to disappoint, especially when trying to make adjustments while wearing the belt.

I also like that this belt also has a very sleek, low profile metal buckle. By the way, the belt comes with an allen wrench for the 2 set screws (they provide an extra screw which is nice) that you’re supposed to use in order to better secure the buckle to the belt. However, I found that the included allen wrench is too small…luckily I have a set of allen wrenches and found one that worked.

The price is also very, very reasonable for the quality of belt you’re getting and is backed by a lifetime guarantee from a brand that has earned a reputation for making quality gun and taser holsters.

Best CCW Belt?

In my humble opinion, I feel Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt is the best CCW belt on the market today, at any price. So, if you’re looking for an excellent quality carry belt that’s not only sturdy, but easy to adjust, you may just want to check out the Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt.

Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt

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