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JP Silent Captured Spring Review Comments Off on JP Silent Captured Spring Review

JP Enterprises is a manufacturer of high performance, innovative parts for AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. One such innovative part is the JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring for AR-15s (and AR-10s), which comes in 2 versions, the “Standard” and “Heavy H2”.

In this article, we review the Standard JP Enterprises Silent Captured Spring (SCS), GEN 2 (JPSCS2-15).

Features of the JP Silent Captured Spring

  • Buffer and spring assembly that mitigates friction found in standard buffer components
  • Removable and interchangeable spring, steel and tungsten weights for custom tuning
  • Works in any gas operated, AR-15.
  • Does not require a buffer retainer pin, however, if you would prefer to use a buffer retainer pin, JP recommends their proprietary Silent Captured Spring Buffer Retainer Pin and Spring to eliminate the snagging caused by a standard buffer retainer pin
  • Polished, centerless, ground spring
  • Lightweight aluminum guide rod
  • 3 steel weights
  • Includes a plastic spacer for installation in rifle-length buffer tubes

JP Silent Captured Spring Specs

Weight: 5.3 oz


MSRP is $139.95 but I have seen it for as low as $119.99 (at

JP Silent Captured Spring
JP Silent Captured Spring


According to JP Enterprises, their Silent Captured Spring can be used with a traditional buffer retainer pin. However, when using a traditional buffer retainer pin, removing and reinserting the Silent Captured Spring can be tricky as the pin can snag in the gap between the weights where the o-rings sit. As such, you may choose not to use a buffer retainer pin at all, which is what I do.

You can also buy JP’s proprietary buffer retainer pin (JPSCS-BRP) for the SCS which currently costs $12.95 on JP’s website. JP’s SCS buffer retainer pin is designed to make it easy to insert and remove the Silent Captured Spring while maintaining retention inside the buffer tube.

At the Range

Having used the standard weight, JP SCS (JPSCS2-15) in a few different AR-15s, I really cannot notice any difference between it and a standard buffer/spring setup, even when shooting suppressed. The JP SCS is supposed to mitigate the “cheese grater” and “twang” noise of a traditional buffer spring, which I can hear when I am at home, pulling back and releasing the charging handle. However, while shooting, I simply do not hear any spring noise in the buffer tube even with a standard buffer/spring setup. I also do not feel that recoil is any smoother because of the JP SCS. Of course, your experience may be different than mine.

JP Silent Captured Spring
JP Silent Captured Spring

Is the JP Silent Captured Spring Worth it?

Although I do have a few of these JP Silent Captured Springs, I probably will not be buying more, given the cost vs benefit. There are other things I would rather spend my money on. That said, the JP SCS is definitely a well-engineered product.

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