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About 5 months ago, Sig Sauer announced the release of the MPX PCC redesigned with performance enhancements that cater to competitive PCC shooters. However, I believe the MPX PCC will also appeal to every day gun enthusiasts like me.

MPX PCC Features

  • 16” threaded barrel
  • 3 chamber compensator designed to reduce recoil
  • Crisp, flat faced, single-stage Timney trigger
  • 5-position telescoping and folding stock
  • Ambidextrous controls
  • Free-floating ergonomic Slim Line M-LOK™ handguard
  • Optics ready, black hard-coat anodized aluminum frame
  • Barrel twist rate of 1:10
  • Gas Piston Operating System
  • One, 30-round magazine


Overall Length: 35.25”

Overall Width: 2.5”

Height: 7.5”

Weight: 6.63 lbs


MSRP is $2,016.00 but the street price seems to be $1,699.99 most everywhere I checked.

Sig MPX PCC at the Range:

  1. Reliability. The Sig MPX PCC is very reliable. After shooting 250 rounds of Magtech 115 grain 9mm FMJ, I experienced no failures whatsoever.
  2. Trigger. The Timney, flat faced, single-stage trigger is crisp, light (about 4.5 lbs.) with no pre-travel or over-travel and breaks cleanly with an audible and very tactile reset. This trigger really is quite amazing.
  3. Handling. The MPX PCC is about a pound lighter in overall weight than the MPX Carbine with very little recoil and low muzzle rise, making it easy and fun to shoot. I also find the new, slimmer M-LOK handguard to be quite comfortable.
  4. Accuracy. I find the MPX PCC to be very accurate.

The MPX PCC is accurate, reliable and really fun (and cheap) to shoot.

Sig MPX PCC vs the Original Sig MPX Carbine

Compared to the original MPX Carbine, there are some noticeable differences.

  • Barrel. The MPX PCC has a 16″ threaded barrel with a three-chamber compensator. In contrast, the MPX Carbine has a 14″ barrel with a pinned and welded flash hider bringing the overall barrel length to 16″ to avoid Federal classification as a Short Barrel Rifle (SBR).
  • Stock. The MPX PCC comes with a telescoping AND folding stock whereas the stock on the MPX Carbine when it was first introduced was only telescoping. However, I have subsequently seen the telescoping and folding stock offered on the MPX carbine.
  • Handguard. The MPX PCC has a slim M-LOK handguard vs the bulkier KeyMod handguard on the MPX Carbine.
  • Rail. To reduce weight, the MPX PCC no longer has a picatinny rail along a large section of the top part of the handguard whereas the MPX Carbine had a full-length picatinny rail along the entire length of the top portion of the handguard.
  • Trigger. The MPX PCC has a flat faced, single stage, Timney trigger (according to Timney, pull weight is about 4.5 lbs and is the same trigger, model #683, they sell as a drop in replacement for the MPX carbine), which is much nicer than the heavier MIL-SPEC trigger on the MPX Carbine.
  • Length. The MPX PCC is slightly longer with an overall length of 35.25″ vs 33″ for the MPX Carbine.
  • Weight. The MPX PCC weighs approximately 1 pound less than the MPX Carbine.

I believe that many gun enthusiasts will appreciate the performance enhancements and build quality of the new Sig MPX PCC. The MPX PCC is accurate, reliable and really fun (and cheap) to shoot.

Sig MPX PCC for Home Defense

Of course, the Sig MPX PCC can also be a viable home defense option with it’s minimal recoil and crisp, light, single stage trigger, making it very easy to shoot accurately with the addition of a good red dot sight. The Sig MPX PCC is also surprisingly quiet.

You can also have up to 30 rounds of 9mm at your disposal in a single magazine (provided you live in a state that does not limit magazine capacity).

Need more than a 30-Round Capacity Magazine?

How about a +11 round extended capacity mag base pad from Taran Tactical? With Taran Tactical’s mag base pad, overall capacity of the Sig MPX PCC becomes 41+1 rounds of 9mm.

So, is the new Sig MPX PCC worth the street price of $1,699?

For me, that’s a definitive YES.

For more information about the Sig MPX PCC, visit Sig Sauer’s website here.

Looking for a good red dot sight for around $150 (and offers a lifetime warranty)?

Check out the Vortex Crossfire Red Dot sight which you should be able to find at your local gun store or online (i.e. MidwayUSA) for roughly $150 (street price). Here’s a link to Vortex’s website:

Interested in a great Holographic Sight for about $400 (and offers a lifetime warranty)?

Here’s why I upgraded to the Vortex AMG Razor UH-1 Holographic Sight for my MPX PCC.

Shown here with a Vortex AMG Razor UH-1 Holographic Sight

Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 Holographic Sight



Shown here with a Vortex Crossfire Red Dot Sight


Flat Faced, Timney Single-Stage Trigger


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