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Holosun AEMS Adapter Plate for Scalarworks T-2 Mount 0

Would you be interested in an adapter plate that makes it possible to use a Scalarworks LEAP/01 on your Holosun AEMS?

Well, I just discovered the Holosun AEMS to Aimpoint T-1/ T-2 Low Profile Mount Adapter plate from AMMJ Ergonomic Solutions out of Michigan.

Features of the AMMJ AEMS Adapter Plate

  • CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Black hard coat anodized Type 3
  • Designed to attach directly onto the bottom of the Holosun AEMS enabling it to be mounted to any Aimpoint T-1 or T-2 hole and channel patterned mount such as Scalarworks LEAP/01.

AMMJ AEMS Adapter Plate Specs

  • Weight: .625 oz
  • Height:  .125”
  • Length: 2”
  • Width: 1.375”



Ammj AEMS Adapter Plate
Ammj Adapter Plate for Holosun AEMS

Why Buy the AMMJ AEMS Adapter Plate?

If you love your Holosun AEMS, but would rather attach a better quality mount, such as the Scalarworks LEAP/01, to my knowledge, the AMMJ AEMS adapter plate is the only solution currently available that makes this possible.

UPDATE: Reptilia makes a 1.93″ Mount specifically for the Holosun AEMS which you can read my review about here.

I ended up getting this adapter plate (.125” tall) with the 1.57” Scalarworks LEAP/01 (1.043”) plus the height from the bottom of the AEMS to the center of the AEMS window, (1.02”) gives me a total optical centerline height of approximately 2.188” (.125 + 1.043 + 1.02).

The 2.188” total optical centerline height gives me a more “heads up” position that I prefer.

Scalarworks LEAP/01 Height Options with the AMMJ Adapter Plate

  • Scalarworks LEAP 1.42” with the AMMJ adapter plate = 2.038” approximate optical centerline height.
  • Scalarworks LEAP 1.57” with the AMMJ adapter plate =  2.188” approximate optical centerline height (Unity Tactical Fast Micro Mount has a 2.26” approximate optical centerline height using a compatible red dot optic such as the Aimpoint T-2).
  • Scalarworks LEAP 1.93” with the AMMJ adapter plate =  2.548” approximate optical centerline height.

Alternative Height Option for the AMMJ AEMS Adapter Plate

AMMJ also offers a slightly taller adapter plate that is approximately .197″ in height. This together with the 1.57″ LEAP/01 should result in an approximate total optical centerline height of 2.26″ which is equivalent to that of the Unity Tactical Fast Micro Mount optical centerline height.

Holosun AEMS with AMMJ Adapter Plate
Ammj Adapter Plate for Holosun AEMS with Scalarworks LEAP/01

Total Weight of Scalarworks LEAP/01, Adapter Plate and Holosun AEMS

The total weight of the Scalarworks LEAP/01 (1.57″), AMMJ Adapter Plate and the Holosun AEMS is approximately 6.5 oz according to my scale. That is about half the weight of an EOTECH EXPS3-0 with 1/2″ risers.

Holosun AEMS Mount Issues

Unfortunately for me, the rear mount screw holes on my AEMS were not positioned the correct distance apart. Apparently, Holosun’s AEMS Low Mount has a notification sticker on the packaging stating that their low mount only works on AEMS models with serial numbers above 10000!

For reference, the rear screw hole center line distance from one another should be approximately 12mm or .472” apart (according to a diagram Holosun sent to me).

My AEMS was approximately .4375” apart. Clearly, .4375” is not the same as .472”. As a result, my AMMJ adapter plate, which was correctly drilled, would not properly fit on my original AEMS.

Therefore, I had to get an RMA from Holosun in order to send my AEMS back to them for a replacement. Much to my disappointment, this process took almost 5 weeks before I received my replacement AEMS.

So, if your AEMS serial number is less than 10000, you may need to send your AEMS to Holosun in order to get it “evaluated” and once confirmed, Holosun should send you a replacement with the updated mounting screw hole placement.

Holosun AEMS with AMMJ Adapter Plate
Ammj Adapter Plate Mounted to Scalarworks LEAP/01

General Impressions

The AMMJ AEMS adapter plate is straight forward in design, cleanly machined with all of the holes correctly positioned and of course, their logo and “Made in MI, USA” verbiage. I used the four mounting screws from the original AEMS mount to secure the AMMJ adapter plate. I then attached a 1.57” Scalarworks LEAP/01 to the AMMJ adapter plate using the included four mounting screws that came with the Scalarworks LEAP/01 mount.

At the Range

Shooting approximately 160 rounds of M193, with the AMMJ AEMS adapter plate attached between my AEMS and the Scalarworks Leap/01, was awesome. It held zero, is lightweight and looks great too!

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in using a Scalarworks Leap mount (or other mount that uses the Aimpoint T-1/T-2 footprint) on your Holosun AEMS, you may want to give the AMMJ AEMS adapter plate a try.

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