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POF 3.5 lb Straight Drop In Trigger Review Comments Off on POF 3.5 lb Straight Drop In Trigger Review

Patriot Ordnance Factory originally earned it’s claim to fame by manufacturing and selling the first gas-piston-operated AR-patterned rifles for the military, law enforcement and civilian markets. Since then, POF USA has expanded their range of products and innovation. One such product is their non-adjustable, single-stage, 3.5 lb straight, drop in trigger.

Features of the POF 3.5 lb Straight Drop In Trigger

  • 3.5 pound pull weight
  • Hard coat anodized aluminum housing
  • Rubber urethane feet to keep the trigger unit snug in the lower receiver
  • Nitride heat-treated disconnect and hammer for optimal strength and corrosion resistance
  • Crisp break
  • Short, tactile reset
  • No perceptible take up or creep
  • KNS anti-rotation pins
  • Made in USA

General Impressions


Unlike some other drop in triggers, there are no set screws (or trigger springs to push aside while installing set screws) to mess with making installation a breeze. I’ve had problems in the past with other drop in triggers where the set screws on top of the bottom mount screws would back out even after using blue Loctite. Instead, the POF trigger uses proprietary rubber urethane feet at the bottom of the trigger housing, which keeps the trigger unit snug in the lower receiver. Please note that the trigger’s rubber urethane feet are removable. So, you can always remove them if the fit in your lower receiver is too tight. The POF trigger also includes KNS anti-rotation pins.

At the Range

The POF trigger is a joy to shoot. The 3.5lb pull weight, crisp break and tactile reset, make it very predictable and easy to keep groups consistently tight. Having shot over 400 rounds, the POF trigger has performed reliably and consistently.

Price of POF 3.5 lb Straight Drop In Trigger

As of today, the POF trigger can be found for $159.99 (

Final Thoughts About the POF 3.5 lb Straight Drop In Trigger

The POF trigger has become my favorite drop in trigger, and I’ve tried a lot of other triggers over the years. In fact, I don’t think you can find a better trigger for the money and I’m truly surprised that it’s not getting more attention.

POF Trigger Installed



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